April 2012
Libration Systems Named one of the Top 500 Veteran Owned Businesses in the U.S. by DiversityBusiness.com

Libration Systems Named one of the Top 50 Diversity Owned Businesses in the New Mexico by DiversityBusiness.com

30 April 2010
Libration Systems Libration Systems awarded an SBIR Contract
Topic #: MDA 09-019
Title: Innovative Low-Cost Encrypted Mobile Ground Systems
Abstract: The development of Libration Management System’s (Libration Systems) SGLS compatible mobile ground station will allow for a low cost solution to support micro and small satellite missions operations, provide 3-D tracking of spacecraft, allow for in-field direct communication to a satellite using DoD approved waveforms, and to allow fusion of multiple data links (K and S/L bands) for these satellites. These ground systems will give small missions an operational resource that can be tailored to their unique needs while providing these small missions operational priority that is not normally achieved using standard AFSCN ground systems.

12 February 2010
Libration Systems Libration Systems awarded a Phase II SBIR Contract
Topic #: AF 08-004
Title: Fiber Laser Beam Combining
Abstract: In Phase-I of this work, a steady state model incorporating the most important nonlinear effects was successfully developed to analyze passive phasing of fiber amplifier arrays. This work showed a technique of reverse pumping to mitigate Four-Wave Mixing (FWM) and Cross-Phase Modulation (XPM) in fiber amplifiers. In Phase II we propose to extend the modeling developed in Phase-I to include time-dependent dynamic effects to understand observed stability and mode-locking phenomena. We propose to employ the two 1kW fiber amplifiers at the Albuquerque Northrop Grumman site to validate theoretical predictions of this work. The modeling effort should provide better understanding and assessment of passive phasing fiber systems and help in improving the performance of these systems. BENEFIT: The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) has been in the forefront of combining lasers for power scaling of solid-state lasers including diode lasers (PILOT program) and currently fiber lasers. Currently, there are several promising approaches for fiber laser combining, with each having advantages and disadvantages. Some are more suited for certain applications than others. Modeling rooted in experimental work is essential to gain clarity in sorting out the different approaches with their ideal applications. Libration Systems will commercialize the software developed under this SBIR for sale to Government and industry for work in fiber lasers.

5 June 2009 Libration Systems employees recognized at Fermi GammaRay Space Telescope 1 year Launch Anniversary

Lee Thienel, Guy Robinson, Charley Rhodes, Scott Clough and Rus Burgess were recognized at the 1 year Anniversary picnic for the Fermi Launch at GSFC.

30 January 2009 Libration Systems awarded a Phase I SBIR Contract

Title: Fiber Laser Beam Combining

14 Nov 2008 Libration Systems awarded Air Force Research Laboratory Space Vehicles contract

Libration Systems received a $6.3M BAA contract with a 5 year period of performance to study “Space-Suitable Electronic Components andĀ Responsive Systems Elements”.

31 August 2006 Libration Systems founded by Lee Thienel and Mike Lewis